With a team of highly respected, highly experienced senior professionals, Rubix brings together decades of industry experience to its developments and its clients.

Like a Rubik’s cube, the Rubix team sees projects, spaces and the vision of their clients as a puzzle that can be solved with smart, innovative solutions.

In its maiden year, the Rubix team has developed unique properties in spaces others have failed to see potential in.

In addition to its own developments, the Rubix team’s client work has been consistently praised for its quality work and problem-free end-to-end processes.

With a diversity of seasoned perspectives and a passion for discovering a solution through any obstacle, the company has begun to decisively stake its place in the Sydney development landscape.




Robert is a seasoned construction professional and has been in the construction industry for more than two decades. With his astute knowledge and experience, he oversees all the construction domain within the organization. He is responsible for coordinating of all trades, developing partnership and building positive rapport within all team members including architects, engineers, local officials and with clients. His positive approach and enthusiasm keep all team members motivated and focused on delivering the projects well before the scheduled time and within agreed budgets. With his core competency for minute detailing, he has been delivering all projects with acute quality control and assurance. He is a through time-line driven construction professional with a proven ability to successfully manage multiple projects and have demonstrated proficiency in cost saving as well as time spent by optimizing project efficiency and resource management.

I have no hesitation commending Rubix for complex medium to large projects where you want to reduce risk of mistakes and disputes.
I will be recommending them with confidence to many of my clients who want a trouble-free experience with their contractor.
Uzair Khan, Skyline Property Group
I would describe Rubix Construction as one of the most reliable, efficient and enthusiastic construction companies we deal with, and they have a proven ability to produce excellent results. In particular, they have demonstrated the capacity to carry out great workmanship.
I would have no hesitation in recommending them to be included on any tender list for future projects, as they are high on our preferred list.
Norman Sarraf, Sarraf Strata